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Tales are an important genre of the oral prose literature of the Mongolians. Tales typically begin with the phrase “Once upon a time, in such-and-such a place, in such-and-such a country.” Mongolian tales are symbolic. The most frequent ending is “and they lived happily ever after.” The legends are a popular genre of oral prose literature. The real-life legends are always complementary expressions of historical events within folk literature. Historical facts are usually adorned with fanciful magic and metaphoric devices to later become historical legends. Among the restored and digitised data, the tales take up the most recording hours. Within the framework of the project, over two hundred hours of tales and almost fourteen hours of legends were restored and digitised.

Tales and Legends
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Total. 12
1 Legend: Khaj Shaman has Swallowed, Khaj Zairan Buud Iduulsen Ni
B. Sanduijav (59-year-old male) from Rinchenlkhumbe, Khuvsgul. (1979)
02'58" PLAY
2 Tale: Three Brothers, Akh Duu Gurav
P. Rolmaa (female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Battsengel, Arkhangai. (1982)
08'34" PLAY
3 Tale: Buriadiin Grandfather Fell into Water, Buriadiin Uvgun Jivjeenee
B. Garamjav (77-year-old male, Khori buriad ethinicity, Ukhaasaa tribe) from Batshireet, Khentii. (1979)
01'50" PLAY
4 Tale: Desperado Juuya, Juramgui Juuya
J. Byambaa (Khalkha ethnicity) from Bulgan, Dornod. (1980)
10'54" PLAY
5 Tale: Merciful Ezen Khaan, Uglugiin Ezen Khaan
G. Orgoi (51-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Mandal-Ovoo, Umnugovi. (1982)
07'27" PLAY
6 Tale: Good and Evil, Sain Sanaat, Muu Sanaat Khoyor
P. Rolmaa (female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Battsengel, Arkhangai. (1982)
05'35" PLAY
7 Tale: Ghostly Khaan Shanag, Chutguriin Khaan Shanag
L. Jambaa (59-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Sevrei, Umnugovi. (1982)
09'02" PLAY
8 Tale of Tsaatan ethnic groups: Two Brothers, Akh Duu Khoyor
G. Shanjim (Darkhad ethnicity) from Ulaan-Uul, Khuvsgul. (1976)
04'29" PLAY
9 Legend: About Bringing Religion from Avtai Sain Port in Tibet, Avtai Sain Khaan Shashniig Tubduus Avsan Tukhai
B. Garamjav (77-year-old male, Khori Buriad ethnicity) from Batshireet, Khnetii. (1983)
07'21" PLAY
10 Legend: About Ongiin River, Ongiin Goliin Tukhai
G. Orgoi (51-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Mandal-Ovoo, Umnugovi. (1982)
04'10" PLAY
11 Tale: Cunning Yellow Fox, Argat Shar Uneg
Y. Gonchigsuren (male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Bayankhongor. (1979)
03'42" PLAY
12 Tale: Adventure Story of a Hunter, Anchnii Payan
N. Gavaa (male, Khotgoid ethnicity) from Tsetserleg, Khuvsgul.
07'10" PLAY
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