ICH Online Exhibition

Google Online Exhibition

Since 2016, ICHCAP has been featuring intangible cultural heritage (ICH) belonging to various domains such as traditional craftsmanship, performances,
and indigenous knowledge in the Asia-Pacific through Google Arts & Culture, a global online exhibition platform.

You may feel like looking at the ICH performances being carried out at the very site thanks to
the vivid images and videos collected by the curators from eleven countries.

For example, the sounds of women beating dried mulberry leaves to make traditional fabric in a small Pacific island known as
Tonga creates a unique impression that the images in the monitor are taken in real time with only one mouse click.
Also, you can catch up the videos of Nepali Lakhe dancers as if you are just standing at the crowded square in Nepal.
Following the curators’ storytelling, you can enjoy the richness of culture.

ICHCAP will provide an opportunity to access ICH more easily with information and
communication technology (ICT) such as giga pixel cameras and virtual reality (VR)
to convey the meaning and value of ICH through the voices of local communities.

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