Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands

Oral Traditions and Performing Arts in Mongolia


Storytelling is an oral expression that recalls phenomenal events that occurred in society or human lives. The stories, which are expressed artistically, have a certain level of interest and are unique. The storyteller is an individual who has seen that special event or has heard of the events from other person who knows the event very well. Besides storytelling, this category includes materials of local dialects, folk talks of traditional rituals and customs, and the remembrances. The category of storytelling covers over fifty hours of recordings.

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Total. 7
1 Customs and Manners for Performing Epics
B. Avirmed (44-year-old male, Uriankhai ethnicity) from Duut, Khovd. (1975)
09'47" PLAY
2 Propose Ritual of Buriads, Buriad Ber Guikh Deg Yos
D. Togoo (64-year-old male, Buriad ethnicity) from Tsagaan-Ovoo, Dornod. (1981)
17'42" PLAY
3 A Hunter, About Dreams, An Khiikhk, Agirakh, Zuud Manakh Tukhai
J. Talukhai (56-year-old male, Uriankhai ethnicity) from Altantsugts, Bayan-Ulgii. (1977)
06'14" PLAY
4 About Tooroi Bandi
G. Gunaasuren (male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Bayandelger, Sukhbaatar. (1974)
05'02" PLAY
5 About the Name of Sartuul
N. Baatar (51-year-old male, Sartuul ethnicity) from Tudevtei, Zavkhan. (1979)
03'42" PLAY
6 About Epic Performers Parchinand and Burdukov
Z. Lkhasuren (77-year-old female, Bayad ethnicity) from Khyargasv Uvs. (1974)
05'44" PLAY
7 About Beating up the Mayor of Uliastai
K. Naran (72-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Tudevtei, Zavkhan. (1979)
14'08" PLAY
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