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Oral Tranditions And epics of Central Asia
Foreword view

[Introduction] Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Diversity of Traditional Medicine _ Eivind Falk view

[Chapter1] Health Care as Heritage: An Etic Approach of Inscribed Elements on the Lists of the UNESCO ICH Convention _ Ahmed Skounti view

[Chapter2] Saam and Sasang, Treasured Korean Healing Arts _ Sangwoo Ahn view

[Chapter3] Sul, Traditional Medicine and Family: Korean Case Studies _ Hanhee Hahm, Haesu Bae view

[Chapter4] Healing with Plants and Affection: José Craveiro, a Practitioner of Traditional Medicine in Portugal _ Filomena Sousa, Rosário Rosa view

[Chapter5] Heritage, Folk Medicine and Kaviraji Treatment in Bangladesh _ Saifur Rashid view

[Chapter6] Traditional Medicine and Music: The Pastellessa as Musicotherapy _ Emanuela Esposito, Vincenzo Capuano view

[Chapter7] Traditional Medicine in Syria: Knowledge, Beliefs & Experiences _ Reme Sakr view

[Chapter8] Promoting Herbal Medicine in Uganda: Traditional Health Practitioners and Government Working Together _ John De Coninck view

[Chapter9] ICH as a Legitimation Strategy for Traditional and Complementary Healing Methods? _ Michaela Noseck-Licul view

[Chapter10] Testimony of a Traditional Healer _ Jean Roche view

[Chapter11] Advances and Challenges in Safeguarding Traditional Medicine in Curaçao _ Richenel Ansano view

[Chapter12] Folk Pharmacy in Latvia _ Signe Pucena view

[Chapter13] Puerperal (Postpartum Period) Food as a Traditional Treatment Method _ Nihal Kadıoğlu Çevik view

[Chapter14] Le reboutement au Burkina Faso _ Ki Leonce view

[Chapter15] Dai Yen, village des herboristes traditionnels au cœur de Hanoï (Vietnam) _ Vo Thi Thuong, Vu Thi Ha view

[Chapter16] History of Traditional Mongolian Medicine _ Tserensodnom Dalantai view

[Chapter17] Indigenous Medicines of India _ V. Jayarajan view