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2012 Conference Report

Creative Value of

ICH for Sustainable Development

무형유산의 창조적 가치와 지속가능발전

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Creative Value of ICH for Sustainable Development
Preface view
Keynote Paper

ICH Safeguarding Activities in Sustainable Development _ Cherif KHAZNADAR view

[Chapter1]What is the Significance of the 2003 Convention?

The Historical Context of the 2003 Convention and the Contemporary Regional and Global Significance of ICH
_ Janet BLAKE view

New Trends and Directions in the 2003 Convention _ Tim CURTIS view

[Chapter2]How to Safeguard the Value of ICH?

Sustainablity and Cultural Diversity in Safeguarding ICH: Tools andPerspectives _ Peter SEITEL view

Notion of ICH Safeguarding from the Perspective of Sustainable Development _ Kyung-Koo HAN view

Challenges and Perspectives in Safeguarding Endangered Intangible Cultural Heritage in Developing Countries
_ Antonio ARANTES view

[Chapter3]How to Promote Better ICH for Sustainable Development?

Archieving Institutionalisation of ICH: Korean Experience _ Dawnhee YIM view

Integrating ICH in Heritage Tourism _ Amareswar GALLA view

ICH Safeguarding through Formal and Non‐formal Education _ Gaura MANCACARITADIPURA view


Opening Remarks view

Summary of Discussion view

Profile of Participantsview