Precious Drops from Nepal's Fountain of Folk Music

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    • Folk Dances of Nepal
    • Nepalese communities express their emotions through the rhythms of various folk dances. Folk dances, in fact, are an inseparable part of rural life. On the other hand, the religious influence can easily be observed in the songs and dances, which are often performed to please deities responsible for the well-being of humans and cattle, favorable climate, and good harvest. As the country has widely differing topographical features, so does it have vast variances in cultural aspects. Folk songs and dances depend on cultures, cas-tes, seasons, and geographical features. For example, a sherpa living in the Himalayan region sings and dances differently from a Tharu living in the Terai region. Similarly, songs and dances performed in the spring season express joyous emotions, whereas those performed in the winter season express sadness. This collection includes the most famous folk dances of the different indigenous communities of Nepal dwelling in various environments. These dances are a part of their daily life.
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1 Deuda Naach
Performer: Unknown Date of Recording: 1995 Caste: Damai Collector: Dan Bahadur Nepali
08'31" PLAY
2 Kami Nach
Performer: Unknown Date of Recording: 1991 Caste: Kami Collector: Dan Bahadur Nepali
07'55" PLAY
3 Pangdhure Naach
Performer: Unknown Date of Recording: 1993 Caste: Majhi Collector: Ram Prasad Kadel
11'22" PLAY
4 Mushar Naach
Performers: Chandra Bahadur Mahara, Chandra Hazara, Joshu Ram, Bhajan Paswan, Mahanga Paswan Date of Recording: 1998 Caste: Musahr Collector: Dan Bahadur Nepali
08'05" PLAY
5 Ghatu Naach
Performer: Unknown Date of Recording: 1994 Caste: Arya-khas Collector: Ram Prasad Kadel
08'33" PLAY