Music, Songs and Stories: Archival Selections from India

    • CD7
    • Music of Bastar and Chhatisgarh
    • The indigenous tribal communities of India belong to various language families. This selection of music comes from the region of what was known as Bastar and its surroundings but is today divided into the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. This album presents some samples of the music of the Maria, Muria, and Pardhans. These subgroups are part of the larger Gond family. Gondi and the related languages belong to the Dravidian family. It provides a glimpse into the intangible cultural heritage of the tribes of Central India. These recordings were made between 1978 and 1982 by ethnomusicologist Roderic Knight. They provide a glimpse into the tribal communities, which are fast changing.
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1 Gogiya Bin Baja with singing
Performer: Ram Prasad Date of Recording: 28th March 1982 Place or Recording: Kokomata, Madhya Pradesh Language: Gondi
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2 Bison Horn Maria dance
Performer: Group of girls Date of Recording: 31st December 1978 Place or Recording: Bare Kameli, Bastar, Chhattisgarh Language: Maria
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3 Sita Banvas with chikara
Performer: Suki Ram Aherwar Date of Recording: 20th March 1982 Place or Recording: Kokomata, Madhya Pradesh Language: Gondi
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4 Dadaria songs
Performer: Halki Bai Maravi Date of Recording: 14th March 1982 Place or Recording: Rahangi, Chhattisgarh Language: Chhattisgarhi
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5 Bana and singing
Performer: Bala Ram Parteti Date of Recording: 25th April 1982 Place or Recording: Baheratola village, Rahangi, Chhattisgarh Language: Gondi
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6 Muria Kaksar dance
Performer: Three girls from the ghotul Place or Recording: Remawand, Chhattisgarh Language: Muria
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7 Gond Karma dance
Performer: Gond men and women Date of Recording: 22nd February 1982 Place or Recording: Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh Language: Gondi
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8 Ahir Goal geet with Algoza
Performer: Mohan Ahir Date of Recording: 8th February 1982 Language: Gondi
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