Precious Drops from Nepal's Fountain of Folk Music

    • CD8
    • Folk Songs of the Indigenous Castes
    • The indigenous castes of Nepal have a variety of cultural events to mark different life happenings, from birth to death, which are all accompanied by music. These events depend on topography, and may vary even within a caste. Generally, people express their emotions through music in occasions such as Dashain , MagheSakranti , Purnima , or seasonal events, such as rice transplanting, rice harvesting, or millet plucking. In such festivals, each of the indigenous castes exhibits its way of life and culture through traditional attires, instruments, songs, and dances.
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1 Maghauta Song of Tharu
Performers: Santa Ram Tharu, Ram Bilash Chaudhary, Fulmati Chaudhary Date of Recording: 2007 Caste: Tharu Collector: Rajesh Khana
07'58" PLAY
2 Sakela Melody of Rai
Performers: Chandra Bahadur Rai, Urmila Rai Date of Recording: 2007 Caste: Rai Collector: Rajesh Khanal
07'02" PLAY
3 Chudka Song of Gurung
Performers: Lal Shari Gurung, Buddhi Bahadur Gurung Date of Recording: 2007 Caste: Gurung Collector: Rajesh Khanal
07'00" PLAY
4 Kaura Song of Magar
Performers: Som Bahadur Rana, Pampha Thapa Magar Date of Recording: 2007 Caste: Magar Collector: Rajesh Khanal
05'27" PLAY
5 Sonam Loshar Song of Tamang
Performers: Bal Bahadur Yonjan, Sharmila Ghising Date of Recording: 2007 Caste: Tamang Collector: Rajesh Khanal
07'10" PLAY