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Zapin Dance

Malaysia·All regions of Malaysia

Ng Xinying
Date of Performance
Sep 2, 2015
·Dance introduced by Persian and Arabian missionaries
Artistic director
Ng XinyingGraduate of the National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage. Principal dancer at the Aswara Dance Company. Sime Darby Foundation’s National Tour Project. Awarded best female dancer at Short and Sweet Dance Competition.
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Islamic missionaries from Persia and Arabia were the ones who first introduced Zapin to Malaysia in the 15th century. Although it was originally performed only by male dancers, female dancers are now a part of the dance as well. As there are no strict rules or rapid rhythms in Zapin, it has developed in diverse variations across the country. Natural instinct is emphasized in Zapin, which is typically performed in pairs. Zapin, along with Joget, is one of the most iconic and well loved national dances of Malaysia.