Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands

Oral Traditions and Performing Arts in Mongolia

Folk Long Songs

Mongolian folk songs are divided in three different categories, such as long songs, short songs and the authors’ songs. Folk songs are shorter than other forms of expressions with average durations of one to five minutes, but there is a high volume of them. Thus, restoring, categorising, and digitising folk songs were the most time-consuming tasks compared to others. Within the framework of the project, just under forty-eight hours of songs were restored and digitised.

Folk Long Songs
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Total. 19
1 A Slender and Beautiful Brown Horse, Nariin Saikhan Kheer
A. Nansan (male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Songino, Zavkhan. (1981)
02'42" PLAY
2 A Fast Light Reddish Brown Swift Horse, Argamag Khurdan Sharga
J. Jugder (female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Telmen, Zavkhan. (1981)
02'24” PLAY
3 Greatness of Sanctity, Bogdiin Undur
G. Purev and A. Nansal (male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Songino, Zavkhan. (1981)
02'31" PLAY
4 Four Seasons, Durvun Tsag
D. Tserensonom (42-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Tsagaan-Ovoo, Dundgovi.
02'15" PLAY
5 Joroo of a Pony, Joroonii Joroo
T. Bujmaa (56-year-old female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Undurkhaan, Khentii. (1983)
02'38" PLAY
6 Namgar Namgar Wind, Namgar Namgar Sakhi
N. Baljir (female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Telmen, Zavkhan. (1981)
01'50" PLAY
7 Songinotiin Lodge, Songinotiin Shil
Degdtseren from Nariinteel, Uvurkhangai. (1983)
01'02" PLAY
8 Setert Baakhan Sharga
Z. Tsend-Ayush (31-year-old male, Bayad ethnicity) Khyargas, Uvs. (1978)
01'09" PLAY
9 A Shadow in a Grassland, Taliin Baraa
K. Khandsuren (female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Khairkhandulaan, vurkhangai. (1970)
01'52" PLAY
10 A Big Red River, Ulaahan Murungiin Us
B. Lkhasuren (49-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Must, Khovd. (1980)
01'13" PLAY
11 A Shadow in a Vast Grassland Looks Like Wind, Uulen Met Kharagdagch Undur Khangain Baraa
Z. Tsend-Ayush (31-year-old male, Bayad ethnicity) from Khyargas, Uvs. (1978)
01'49" PLAY
12 Kherlengiin’s Bariya, Kherlengiin Bariya
G. Dorj (69-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Jargaltkhaan, hentii. (1974)
01'54" PLAY
13 Zebra Kheer, Kheer Khaltar Mori
G. Dolgorsuren (58-year-old female) from Jargaltkhaan, Khentii. (1974)
02'45" PLAY
14 Light Reddish Brown Swift Tsevtsger Horse, Tsevtsger Khurdan Sharga
P. Dorj (42-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Bayanjargalan, Tuv. (1969)
01'35" PLAY
15 Er Bor Khartsaga
G. Dulamjav (71-year-old female) from Erdenesant, Tuv. (1979)
04'01" PLAY
16 Pampered Brown Horse, Erkh Zeerd Mori
B. Tseveen (68-year-old male, Bayad ethnicity) from Zuungovi, Uvs. (1987)
01'33" PLAY
17 Avraliin Deed
D. Batbold and B. Simpor (male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Telmen, Zavkhan. (1981)
02'23" PLAY
18 Bayantsagaan Hometown, Bayantsagaan Nutag
Z. Tsend-Ayush (31-year-old male, Bayad ethnicity) from Khyargas, Uvs. (1978)
01'16" PLAY
19 Hometown Song from Two Khangain, Khoyor Khangain Nutag Duu
S. Tserendoo (58-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Urgamal, Zavkhan. (1979)
01'32" PLAY
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