“Bringing Life to ICH Memories”

Restoring and Digitizing Intangible Cultural Heritage Resources

Restoring and Digitizing ICH Resources

We live in a digital era where memories and time can be revisited with a flick of the fingertips.
However, the rapid evolution of documentation media brought on by such technological advances
sometimes renders precious documentary resources from earlier eras useless.
Many old analogue resources that have not been adapted to the changing environment are now at risk of suffering severe damage from aging.

As intangible cultural heritage cannot be seen or held in physical form,
it has to be preserved through various forms of documentation in the prevalent storage media of each era.
Documentation allows us to understand the evolutionary trends of a certain element of intangible cultural heritage
and formulate measures for its safeguarding.

Many Asia-Pacific states have been safeguarding their intangible cultural heritage professionally on a variety of media.
However, due to inadequate storage environments, these analogue resources are experiencing severe damage.
On top of that, many resources cannot be used any more due to rapid technological changes in the media environment,
which has led discontinuing certain storage media and related equipment.
ICHCAP’s Project for the Restoration and Digitization of Intangible Heritage Resources was conceived to digitize outdated or
damaged analogue audiovisual resources held by Asia-Pacific Member States so that these resources may be preserved, managed, and used.

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