Tug-of-War in Asia

Cooperative projects for safeguarding common living heritage

2013 Field Survey Project
on the Traditional Tug-of-War in South East Asia
  • Keo co in Viet Nam

    Keo co in Viet Nam

  • Punnuk in the Philippines

    Punnuk in the Philippines

  • Teanh prot in Cambodia

    Teanh prot in Cambodia

The Field Survey Project on the Traditional Tug-of-War in South East Asia was successfully completed on April 2013. The Project was funded by Dangjin City and initiated in January of 2013 by the International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (ICHCAP). The purpose of the project was data collection on tug-of war, a seasonal custom from agricultural societies in the Asia-Pacific region, protection of traditional tugof-war’s, and to create the basis for comparative research and transmission of the custom.

Tug-of-war is a cultural phenomenon found worldwide. In Asia, tug-of-war has been a custom deeply embedded in rice cultivation and is therefore found largely in agricultural societies in East Asia and South East Asia. Generally tug-of-war was performed as a prayer for rain or to predict the bounty of the upcoming harvest and has common features worldwide in keeping with climate and environment. However differences arise with the distinct and unique characteristic, and the creativity of the region, which makes tug-of-war a worthwhile subject of research as Asia’s joint heritage.
Project Report
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  • conclusionconclusion
  • Survey QuestionnaireSurvey Questionnaire
Field Research Final Report
  • vietnam_flag
  • Viet Nam

    Traditional Tug-of-War
    in Viet Nam

  • Introductionfile down
  • Traditional Tug-of-War Festival in Chap Villagefile down
  • Tug-of-War in the Tich Son Festivalfile down
  • Tug-of-War in Lồng Tồng (Going to the Rice Field) Festivals in Northern Areas of Vietnamfile down
  • Tug-of-War Festival of Canh (Huong Canh) Villagefile down
  • Referencesfile down
  • List of Research Team Membersfile down
  • Photosfile down
  • philippines_flag
  • Philippines

    Traditional Tug-of-War
    in philippines

  • The Ifugaofile down
  • The Ifugao Agricultural Cyclefile down
  • Punnuk: The Traditional Tug-of-War of the Tuwali in Barangay Hapao, Municipality of Hungduan, Ifugao,
    Norther Luzon, Philippinesfile down
  • The Enactment of the Punnukfile down
  • Significance of the traditions related to harvest, and the huowah –baki, inum, and punnukfile down
  • Referencesfile down
  • Annex 1file down
  • Annex 2file down
  • List of Research Team Membersfile down
  • Photosfile down
  • cambodia_flag
  • Cambodia

    Traditional Tug-of-War
    in cambodia

  • Context and Background of the Gamefile down
  • Field Research Locations: Rationalefile down
  • Current Statesfile down
  • General Description of the Gamefile down
  • Historical Background of the Teanh Protfile down
  • Significance of the Teanh Protfile down
  • Conclusionfile down
  • List of Photosfile down
  • List of Research Team Membersfile down
  • Photosfile down