Sounds from Mongolian Grasslands

Oral Traditions and Performing Arts in Mongolia


Mongolian well-wishing is a powerful expression of the miraculous capacity of words. It is one of the genres of Mongolian oral poetry that uses melodies. Briefly, benedictions (well-wishing) propitiate people’s future happiness and well-being through skilfully composed and recited poems. There are thousands of benedictions on various subjects. For instance there are benedictions recited while beating the sweat cloth of a saddle, while distilling milk vodka, while celebrating a birth, and while cutting an infant’s hair for the first time. Besides ancient benedictions, many contemporary benedictions are being kept at the ILL. These include benedictions for a new ger, weddings, a child’s first haircut, endowment practices, mare-milking ceremonies, foal-branding ceremonies, the People’s Revolution, and others for the military.

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Total. 17
1 Jagsaa Blessing Ritual, Old Benediction, Jagsaa Dallagiin Khuuchnii Yuruul
N. Gombojav (60-year-old male) from Jargalan, Zavkhan. (1983)
01'43" PLAY
2 Blessing Ritual, Dallagiin Yuruul
Dembee (Khalkha ethnicity) from Erdenetsoggt, Bayankhongor. (1988)
01'33" PLAY
3 Benediction of Geriin , Geriin Yuruul
P. Tserendulam (55-year-old female, Khalkha ethnicity) from Bayangol, Uvurkhangai. (1983)
07'47" PLAY
4 Benediction of Geriin, Geriin Yuruul
S. Meeten (50-year-old male, Durvud ethnicity) from Khyargas, Uvs. (1979)
01'10" PLAY
5 Benediction of Geriin, Geriin Yuruul
Danai (Durvud ethnicity) from Khyargas, Uvs. (1982)
01'12" PLAY
6 Benediction of Wedding, Khurimiin Yuruul
D. Sungarav (Durvud ethnicity) from Durgun, Khovd. (1981)
03'59" PLAY
7 Benediction of Party, Nariin Yuruul
S. Chultem (75-year-old male, Tuva ethnicity) from Tsengel, Bayan-Ulgii. (1975)
01'13" PLAY
8 Benediction of Uutsnii, Uutsnii Yuruul
G. Khainzan (Durvud ethnicity) from Chandmani, Uvs. (1976)
01'21" PLAY
9 Ritual of Cutting Downy Hair of a Baby, Khuukhdiin Usnii Yuruul
Sandag (Durvud ethnicity) from Ulaangom, Uvs. (1978)
00'39" PLAY
10 Benediction of Bringing Mare’s Forth, Guunii Urs Gargah Yuruul
G. Orgoi (47-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Mandal-Ovoo, Umnugovi. (1982)
02'04" PLAY
11 Benediction of Bayan Tamgiin, Bayan Tamgiin Yuruul
B. Manaljav (49-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Darkhan, Khentii. (1978)
02'49" PLAY
12 Benediction of Branding Cattle to a Foal, Unaga Tamgalah Yuruul
B. Manaljav (54-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Darkhan, Khentii. (1983)
03'59" PLAY
13 Benediction of Shepherd, Malchnii Yuruul
Ch. Agvaandanzan (Khalkha ethnicity) from Battsengel, Arkhangai. (1982)
03'29" PLAY
14 Benediction on the Army, Tsergiin Tukhai Yuruul
J. Chalkhaa (67-year-old male, Dariganga ethnicity) from Sainshand, Dornogovi. (1983)
01'13" PLAY
15 Benediction for a Young Man who is Steering Camels, Ilgeeltiin Ezen Temeechin Zaluuchuuddad Zotiulsan Yuruul
G. Orgoi (47-year-old male, Khalkha ethnicity) from Mandal-Ovoo, Umnugovi. (1982)
04'32" PLAY
16 Benediction on Negdelchdiin, Negdelchdiin Tukhai Yuruul
D. Sungarav (male, Durvud ethnicity) from Durgun, Khovd. (1981)
02'09" PLAY
17 Benediction of Felt, Esgiinii Yuruul
N. Gombojav (60-year-old male) from Jargalan, Zavkhan.
00'15" PLAY
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