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Regional Collaboration for Safeguarding ICH in Asia and the Pacific;<br>Tasks and Strategies
Preface view
[Chapter1]Implementation of 2003 Convention and International Cooperation

Implementing the 2003 Convention and Its Safeguarding Measures _ Noriko AIKAWA view

Examining the Methodologies of the Collaborative Work of ICHCAP for ICH Safeguarding _ Seong-Yong PARK view

[Chapter2]Building Information Systems: Identification, Documentation and Archives

Parameters of Collecting Data for ICH Information Systems _ Jesus PERALTA view

Supporting Identification and Documentation for the Information Building _ Joanne ORR view

Establishing and Managing Online Databases and Archives for ICH Safeguarding _ Hanhee HAHM view

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights for the ICH Practitioners _ Pilho PARK view

ICH Safeguarding and Utilisation through ICH Information _ Gaura MANCACARITADIPURA view

[Chapter3]Strengthening Collaborative Networks through ICH Information Sharing

Involvement and Collaboration of NGOs in Building Information: A View from India _ Sudha GOPALAKRISHNAN view

Enhancing Regional and Sub-regional Collaboration among ICH Stakeholders _ Akatsuki TAKAHASHI view

Intangible Heritage in Canada: Political Context, Safeguarding Initiatives, and International Cooperation
_ Antoine GAUTHIER view


Summary of Discussion view

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